Our Sharp Vision

The less magical envision manifests a more real imagination

Our world is but a product of a grand design of which we now can reproduce to create a masterpiece that captivates, moves, or expresses the way we perceive it. Sharpenmore answers to such endeavor with strives for improvements in every area artistic and technological. We always keep sharp eyes on fine pixels, and pushing for more to deliver the fusion of art form, and advanced CGI. It is what our clients can rely on for elaborate perfection from their concept art, broad range of multimedia formats, and message of commercial brands.

Sharpenmore from the Beginning

Our creations inspired by the founders

The origin of Sharpenmore, like most graphic studios, began from the love of everything beautiful. Should our creator be the greatest designer, we would craft his grand creation into life-like digital rendition; a reality as real as our imagination. In 2018, Sharpenmore was founded venturing into the CGI studio industry with a lone humble workstation. From a zero client-base, our services have scaled from printed digital media to full CGI, VFX, AR/VR, 2D/3D and filming post production studio.

“Every studio has their own competency, as we do crossing-over from computer science to artistic expressions. We’d like to be known as a CGI studio with a firm grasp of artistic forms, a home of exciting new breed of digital artists.”
Mr. Kanpant Sriyapant and Ms. Siritun Kongsoonthorn – Sharpenmore Founders

Sharpenmore as The World maker

Recent evolution and more readily available hardware and software enable Sharpenmore to keep pace with modern demands. Though render farm is powerful in production environment, as real-time 3D, AR/VR, and powerful Unreal Engine, Blender, Blackmagic Design Suite are becoming more prevalent and gaining acceptance in the industry. The modern process of modeling 2D/3D world has sprung and becoming more productive.

Like never before, we offer broader spectrum of our services, and our team has never been stronger in addressing ever-growing demands – be it commercial ads, feature film color grading, 3D animation, outlandish surreal imagery, product configuration, interactive showcase, enterprise onboarding, just to name a few. Should our clients desire so, they can oversee our creative process of grading studio through complete Finishing Suite.


A nurturing studio that inspires excellence in everyone

Our products are work of no divine intervention, but a desire to manifest imagination. Timely delivery and great customer support are principal success to us, but they are compounded by both our ability to match the challenges and advanced tooling. Our team keeps coming up with new ways to accomplish more. We learn to play at each other’s strength, stay open-minded, and keep acquiring new skills. This way they gain self-esteem and grow in their career.

At the same time, we approach every visual, every cut, scene, grading, and all else by way of professional tools which we carefully select for flexibility and manageability. At times, tools used by the mainstream may be obstructive or complicated for the project pipeline. We could go full-on coding for utmost efficiency, with a bit of planning, which in many cases, fast prototyping is always preferrable to all parties. The pay-off far outweighs the effort as we can do more within given timeframe. This is a game changing experience for our clients.

And the Mission Goes On

Our path to success is within grasp

Sharpenmore is headed to be the house of new breeds, where pixel pushers and artful hands can both have eye on the same masterpiece. It is one of our priorities to nurture our world makers so proficient in both expressing art, mimicking life, or enhancing client brand experience. We look into improving efficiency at every level in our pipeline aiming to raise the bar to service clients from around the world. In looking back, coming from zero to now many loyal clients, who have been great support for us, has been such a blissful endeavor, and we hope to be of assistance in the long future to come.